The latest commercial heating systems often include multiple heat sources, such as solar, heat pumps and CHP units. As a result, they are becoming more complex and heavily reliant on efficient heat distribution throughout the building. These demands require accurate hydraulic balancing, which is best achieved using a low loss header or buffer. However, these systems also demand a degree of flexibility and reaction time from integrated heat sources. ELCO designs its boilers to meet all of these needs by utilising low water content technology.

Modular construction – the smart concept

ELCO’s renowned modular design construction with a sectional heat exchanger design allows the TRIGON® XXL to be disassembled into components parts – providing flexibility when siting the boilers in a commercial property.

Easy transportation and installation

Integral cargo wheels allow all models to be easily manoeuvred on site. After positioning, the boiler can be levelled and lifted from the cargo wheels by adjusting the feet.