TRIGON® XXL – up to 2 MW performance from a single premix boiler

As an evolution of the flagship ELCO R3xxx boiler range, the new TRIGON® XXL offers unrivalled power and performance, delivering outputs up to 2 MW thanks to an outstanding design. By cascading the TRIGON® XXL boilers a total output of 32 MW can be achieved.
If you deal with challenging environments, it is time to discover this innovative series of robust, efficient, compact and modular commercial boilers with us!



TRIGON® XXL – specially designed for class leading outputs with extremely low emissions.

Intelligent installation


TRIGON® XXL – the perfect solution for complex commercial applications, especially for rooftop plant rooms.



TRIGON® XXL – offers a wide range of configurations to match each and every need.

The TRIGON® XXL’s fully modulating, water-cooled cold flame burner utilises a one-of-a-kind technology to provide reliable and robust performance with up to 2 MW output. Made from bi-metal fin tubes, this integrated burner is made for challenging working conditions in commercial applications while being an additional heat exchanger at the same time.

TRIGON® XXL’s in-house developed burner technology is not only specially designed for optimised efficiency and performance during the entire lifetime – it is also renowned to achieve extremely low emissions.

The latest commercial heating systems often include multiple heat sources, such as solar, heat pumps and CHP units. As a result, they are becoming more complex and heavily reliant on efficient heat distribution throughout the building.

These demands require accurate hydraulic balancing, which is best achieved using a low loss header or buffer. However, these systems also demand a degree of flexibility and reaction time from integrated heat sources. ELCO designs its boilers to meet all of these needs by utilising low water content technology.

The complete range – the TRIGON® XXL range comprises four models that all offer powerful performance, topped by an industry first 2 MW version. With extremely flexible configurations, clever design and a wide range of models available, the boiler is perfect for a variety of commercial applications.

Another key element of the TRIGON® XXL is its easy connectability to a commercial building management systems or smart integration with multiple energy sources.