The TRIGON® XXL’s fully modulating, water-cooled cold flame burner utilises a one-of-a-kind technology to provide reliable and robust performance with up to 2 MW output. Made from bi-metal fin tubes, this integrated burner is made for challenging working conditions in commercial applications while being an additional heat exchanger at the same time.
TRIGON® XXL’s in-house developed burner technology is not only specially designed for optimised efficiency and performance during the entire lifetime – it is also renowned to achieve extremely low emissions.

Low emissions

By combining a unique heat exchanger geometry and a water-cooled cold flame burner the TRIGON® XXL offers class-leading performance for low NOx and CO emissions, that already comply with NOx class 6 requirements.

Low NOx

Combining a short flame with indirect cooling of the flame, the TRIGON® XXL boiler achieves the maximum 2 BREEAM credits by having incredibly low NOx emissions.

Low CO

The optimised geometry of the heat exchanger avoids incomplete combustion and therewith TRIGON® XXL is able to achieve very low CO emissions.

Stainless steel for high efficiency

ELCO utilises the latest laser welding technology to ensure its stainless steel heat exchangers provide best in class efficiencies, excellent reliability and unbeatable performance over their lifetime.
This advanced robot laser welding technology ensures a very thin weld seam, reducing structural change to the tube material. Therewith, these stainless steel laser welded fin tubes guarantee superb heat transfer between the fins and the tube.